Keep It Clean: Proper Hygiene Practices For Your Salon

9 February 2016
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Whether you own a salon or work for one, maintaining high hygiene standards is of the utmost importance. Not only does keeping your salon and yourself clean promote a good appearance to customers, it also ensures that you're working in a safe environment. Here are some things all cosmetologists should be mindful of in order to maintain good hygienic practices in their salons.

Hand Washing

Just like any other profession, cosmetologists should was their hands frequently. This doesn't just apply to when you use the restroom. You should wash your hands immediately before and after you deal with each client. Be sure to use a good antibacterial soap and hot water every time you wash. This ensures that your hands stay free of germs and that you're not getting or passing on germs from other customers. It can also be a good idea to wear protective gloves while washing clients' hair or doing other tasks that require direct contact with customers.

Tool Sterilization

Imagine going into the dentist's office or a tattoo shop where they do not sterilize the tools they use. The same concept applies for cosmetologists. Tools like scissors, clippers, and combs should all be thoroughly sterilized using a strong antiseptic solution. You can purchase this solution through many salon wholesale supply stores, and it's specially made for salon applications. Sterilize your tools after working with each and every customer to ensure they are clean and safe to use. You should also sterilize your tools if they happen to fall on the floor. Keep an extra clean set of your tools handy so you don't have to stop working and re-sterilize it if you drop one. 

Keep The Shop Clean

Salons are busy places, and piles of hair or even nail clippings are just a part of the function of this environment. But cleaning the salon is an absolute must in order to maintain appearances and to provide yourself and your customers with a clean place to visit. Sweep up the floor after every single haircut and dispose of it in a trash can that is out of plain view of customers. Wipe up any spilled product off the floor and counters immediately. If it dries on surfaces before it's cleaned up, it can create a sticky and unattractive mess. Thoroughly wipe down all surfaces including chairs, counter tops, mirrors, and even computer keyboards to make sure the salon is spic and span.

Following these simple hygiene rules will help to ensure that your salon is a healthy, safe place for you to work and for customers to receive services.

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