Going Back To College While Your Child Is In College

23 May 2018
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The military is a career field that many people choose to enter every year. If you are in the military but thinking about a change of pace, you may be able to go back to college. College while in the military can be difficult, but with the help of night classes or alternating school classes, you will be able to go back to school. If you have a child in school, you will have to delicately transition the both of you into college academically and financially. Here are a few things to plan when going back to school while in the military. 

Try to sign up for similar schedules

When you are in the military, it will be required that you go to school around your duty schedule. Ask your child what schedule they would like and try to schedule classes around the same time if you are attending the same school. This will allow you and your child to support one another and save on transportation while you are having to pay for school and school supplies. Before the semester begins, get a copy of the open class schedule and try to frame your classes around one another. If possible, sign up for online classes that will permit you the option to learn while you are at home. 

Look for college grants for the both of you

The military often provides grants for military members and military children depending on their service record. Be sure to ask the military education office what you are qualified for. Grants are money that can be paid out towards your college education that you will not have to pay back later on. Be sure to as what you are qualified for and what your child is separately qualified for. This way you know the grants that are available that you will not have to split. 

Have automatic payments on the 1st and 15th

Military members are paid on a monthly basis on the 1st and 15th of the month. If you owe any money after your grants and scholarships, have this money automatically deducted from your account for yourself on the 1st and your child on the 15th. This allows you to split out the burden between both of your monthly paychecks. This will also give you time to have your child deposit money from any of their scholarship payouts or part-time jobs into your account before the money is automatically deducted. 

For more information on military education finance options, contact your local university.