Preparing Yourself To Become An Emergency Medical Technician

6 January 2016
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The job of an emergency medical technician (EMT) can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Challenge is a part of your workday since you must be prepared to treat people who become sick in their homes or those who are involved in motor vehicle accidents. These patients generally require first aid emergency treatment before driven to a hospital. You do, however, need specific training and certification in order to work as an emergency medical technician. Read on to learn more about how to become an EMT in your area.

Pursuing And Completing Course-Related Studies

If you've just graduated from high school and wish to enter the EMT field, you must pursue and complete courses in a community college, vocational or trade school. The courses you take must be accredited ones that will thoroughly prepare you for the job you will hold later on.

Later on in your career, you may choose to become an advanced emergency medical technician, which puts you in line for conducting limited advanced and pharmacological interventions. You can expect to complete an accredited course to become licensed in that kind of advanced position. Before all that, though, you must learn how to choose a school and study to become an emergency medical technician.

EMT Basic Level Program

You will need to first enroll in an emergency medical technician basic program. This program is offered by vocational schools and community colleges, but you must remember to make sure that the school you choose offers accredited courses in this field. Basic level training to become an emergency medical technician can be completed in a short time period.

Basic Emergency Medical Technician

You must, however, pursue 200 to 400 hours of training if you wish to finish the emergency medical technician program and become a basic emergency medical technician. You can also study for an associate's degree to become a basic emergency medical technician. Note also that you can study for this EMT category at medical assistant schools. Pay attention to training time differences.

Note Differences In Basic Level EMT And Basic EMT, And Note Certification Importance

Clearly understand the difference in study time between becoming a basic level EMT and a basic emergency medical technician. Although there are different levels of training in the field of EMT, all levels require you to sit for state certification tests and pass them in order to become certified. States vary in the type of training and associated tests, but certification is a must in order to be hired for this type of job.

Duties You Will Perform As An Emergency Medical Technician

You'll be notifying the destination hospital medical team what type of injuries to expect so that they can prepare treatment ahead of time. Sometimes you'll have to contact police and fire departments for help. You might have to control bleeding, supply oxygen, treat patients who are suffering from shock, or even help to deliver babies. Every day provides exciting rewards when you are helping people to stay alive with first-aid emergency treatment.